Summer, sun, sunflowers!

Hello July, hello summer 2023. Do you also slowly begin to bloom the sunflowers? Here with us too, because since today the brand new crocheted flower crowns in the edition sunflower are available in the store at Holli's Closet!

For me, sunflowers have always been one of the symbols of summer. They are my absolute favorite flowers. Firstly, of course, because of their majestic size, but also because of their bright yellow color. Personally, sunflowers always bring me joy.

Interestingly enough, sunflowers hadn't even been on my radar as a motif for my crocheted flower crowns. Except for one flower crown, all the others were sold very quickly. But after a friend and follower had addressed me on Instagram, whether I would also crochet flower crowns separately for her and her dog and she would like to have a sunflower, the production started.

Holli's Closet gehäkelte Blumenkrone Sonnenblume in Größe M

Of course, as always, I had no template or pattern and tried me something. I took quasi the order of the girlfriend to create me a sample copy. Complicating matters was the fact that her dog is much smaller than, for example, Holli. Even there I had to first try out what works how with fewer leaves and smaller crochet hook.

After 2 tries the pattern was ready. And after I had created and sent the order and saw how great the sunflower turned out, it was clear to me that the next batch of flower crowns should definitely be sunflowers.

So, got extra yarn, took everything with me on vacation and diligently crocheted every day. The result: A total of 7 crocheted flower crowns sunflower have emerged. Of these, 4 each in the previous size and 3 in the smaller size for smaller dog heads.

Holli's Closet gehäkelte Blumenkrone Sonnenblume in Größe S

On the lucky buyers are then waiting in addition to a package lovingly wrapped with myself again various goodies that are only available at Holli's Closet. For each order there is an exclusive yellow fabric bag with print and extra long handles, on the other hand a cool hologram sticker and our new glitter sticker. And those who know me, know that I always think of a few more things that end up in the package when I'm packing.

I am already looking forward to many great photos with the flower crowns and wish us all a beautiful summer with lots of sunflowers.

And at the latest for my birthday at the end of July, I will receive a sunflower as a gift from my mother, as I do every year. Sometimes you don't need more to be happy, do you?

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