Easter is cancelled

It's official: Easter is cancelled! You might have guessed it already, but unfortunately the Easter Bunny won't be stopping by our store this year. Well, maybe a little bit, but not in the form of a fabulous Totally Fierce Easter collection.

Easter Crochet and Knitting Pattern Free Download

Shall I? Shouldn't I?

I admit, I've been wrestling with myself for a long time. You know how much I enjoy designing new collections. Especially for special occasions. I always thought I had to pick up every niche and theme somehow and see if it would appeal.

And believe me, if I'd been weak, I probably would have busted my butt again and rushed to get an Easter collection up and running in the store.

That thing about special occasions

On paper, it sounds as clear as day: special occasions need designs and products. After almost a year of my Totally Fierce Shop, I now see it differently. With the exception of JOLLY the Christmas collection, the past seasonal collections have totally sucked! 

The facts: full transparency

Honesty is the best policy and I would like to share with you how such a shop can run or not run! ;-)

BOO - die Halloween-Kollektion

The first special occasion I created my own collection for was BOO - the Halloween collection. I was 100% sure that Halloween was definitely going to be something. Cool Halloween designs with lots of dogs in different fur colors sitting in a pumpkin and other motifs on shirts, backpacks, etc. Plus my legendary Halloween videos on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok. So what could go wrong there?

Drum roll

Everything! The end of the story was exactly ONE order. What? Yes, you didn't read it wrong. By mid October, I was already completely demotivated about the whole Halloween thing. I remember sitting there for hours in the evening during our vacation in September, creating the designs and looking forward to Halloween so much. Well, it wasn't meant to be.

Get up, fix the crown, move on

The year went by and at least the Christmas collection was a little bit more popular. My eyes were already on the next special theme: Valentine's Day.

SWEETIE Love Kollektion

Designs made, beautiful products chosen like the cool all around printed cups and went online full of anticipation and expectation. Danced super motivated in the snow and shot videos, bought product samples for 150 € and gave it my all for...

Drum roll

... ONE order! You haven't misread again, and I know the number is really cruel. In my head then goes around the calculation: 150 invest, about 40 hours of work, profit a few euros? I think it was 8...

At the latest then it was clear to me that it can't go on like this. As clever and simple as a store like mine is to set up, there are still monthly costs. Be it for Shopify, or the hosting, or the lawyer who provides my legal texts, and and and.... And no, I don't really get far with these 8 euros.

The end of the story...

... is not the end of my shop, but the end of any Easter considerations regarding an Easter collection. Maybe in 2024, if the shop still exists then, or who knows. Easter 2023 is definitely cancelled with us.

Oooone sec!

Never do the math without the Easter Bunny Thomas! ;-) Because even if I have not created an Easter collection, that does not mean that I can not do one or two little things to have some Easter vibes.

Let's start with the beautiful crochet motif I created last year for the seasons quilt. I'm making that available as a free download as of now. Just click on the image below and you can download the PDF and use it as a pattern.

Free Easter Crochet Knitting pattern

And since I know that not everyone of you crochets or knits, you get the sweet Easter motif also as a picture to download. So you can print it out and send it as an Easter greeting. Or you can post it in your story or send it in Whatsapp. No matter what you do with it, have a little joy with it.

Oster-Bild zum Downloaden

Ding dong

I'll do a little tiny Easter surprise next week. But I won't tell you more about it for now... 

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But I do admire your honesty, it really shows your personality. It’s not the easist time for anyone in the whole world, but your honesty and your dancing videos make some people happy for sure!


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