Happy Sample Day

Quality control is the be-all and end-all. That's why I put every designed product through its paces. Every month, I order more samples to see which product will be added to the store next. And let me tell you, testing samples is such a blast (see video).


Test passed

If I am convinced by a new product, it almost certainly goes into the store. I don't want to sell products that don't meet my own standards. There are countless online stores that save on ordering samples. The end of the story is often cheaply produced, inferior products and a bunch of returns and complaints.

If I like a product myself, have it with me and see how it is printed or embroidered, I can assume that it will also be well received by my customers.

Costs that are worth it

Since my store is built Print On Demand, that means I don't make or print the products myself. So I also have to order the products I want to review by hand. By the way, the difference to the retail prices in the store is not that high. But this investment is worth it to me if the quality is right and the customers are happy. 

My closet is full

Another advantage is that by ordering the samples, I have the new products right here to shoot videos or take photos of them for Instagram and co. This is not only authentic, but also directly shows everyone how the products look.

To involve you even more in this process, I have created the Totally Fierce Sample Day. This way I can always show you the latest samples and products before they hit the store. It's still a little unusual to talk in front of the camera like this, but practice makes perfect. And it's been fun too.

The Totally Fierce Showroom

Soon I will also start to shoot videos in the same style to show you each a product category from a current collection. Hence the title "Showroom". All these videos will then be available on my YouTube channel and in a slimmed down form also on Instagram.

I hope you will find this as exciting as I do and watch it. That would make me happy.


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