Hello spring flowers

Dogs In Flower Frühlings-Spezial

Spring 2023 is here, at least in terms of the date. And when outside all the beautiful flowers start to grow and bloom so slowly, of course our sweet Dogs In Flowers, our flower dogs, bloom right along with them.

Spring special

To celebrate spring with you, I put the spring special of Dogs In Flowers in my store a few days ago. As you know, the flower dogs are an absolute heart project of mine. I find them simply gorgeous and absolutely unique. With them I dive into this colorful, fragrant spring world and can literally feel the spring.

Das Paket des Dogs In Flowers Frühlings-Spezial im Überblick

One package, everything in it

In the spring package is everything in it, what your heart desires. In addition to the high-resolution, lovingly handmade by myself motif of your dog or dogs in the flower of your choice, you get of course again other formats to share your beautiful flower dog directly on Instagram, Facebook, etc..

2 product listings inclusive

And on top I create with your Dogs In Flowers portrait two products that everyone can buy in my store. And here again you have the free choice. You want a mug and a shirt? Check. Or a bag and a hoodie? Check. Sticker and tank top? No problem at all. Of course you also get a great discount code from me for your order.

Dogs In Flowers Motiv

Where do the Dogs In Flowers come from?

"In a world far beyond any imagination..." - well not quite! ;-) The Dogs In Flowers were created at the beginning of 2018. At the time I was on sabbatical, had Holli just under a year, and was looking for a creative project. At that time there were some sites like "Dogs in Food", "Animals in Desserts", .... and so at some point I had the idea to place dogs in flowers.

I had anyway captured many flowers with the SLR camera and with Holli of course the perfect test object. And so then relatively at the beginning this beautiful motif with Holli upside down on the yellow flower was created. The Dogs In Flowers were born.

In the meantime I created 14 flower dogs every week. Everybody had the chance to get their portrait for free and the weekly portraits were drawn at random. A very exciting time with lots of great contacts. As a result, the Dogs In Flowers made the rounds very quickly.

When I then returned to my job full time, such a large workload was no longer feasible. I take great care to make my dog portraits to make them as realistic as possible. Proper shadows and lights are essential for this. It should always feel like a real photo. And such a craft takes well up to 4 hours of time per subject and number of dogs.

Dogs In Flower Blumenhund

The reboot

For many years, the flower dogs spent in a beauty sleep before I revived them last year. They are just too beautiful not to use them further. And through my self-employment and my store I can now do this and make others and me happy with it again.

Endless possibilities

Especially great I find that the motifs are really universally applicable. Whether printed on canvas in your own living room, or just as a shirt or pillowcase or on a beautiful bag. They really fit everywhere. And you can freely choose where you want to have it or what you do with it.

Dogs In Flowers mit Dackel

Let it bloom

I wish us all a beautiful spring 2023 and many many blooming flowers and best with flower dogs. So if you would like to immortalize your dog or up to 3 dogs with a unique handmade dog portrait, you know the drill ;-)

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