A dream comes true

The long wait is over: Holli's Closet is open! I'm insanely excited to finally be able to officially sell my handmade crochet creations. Besides completely new pieces I will also offer a few of Holli's things for sale.

Holli's Closet - Holli mit Blumenkrone

If I could...

...I would crochet all day. I am completely in my element when it comes to this. And I firmly believe in the therapeutic effect of crochet. Nothing calms me so much. I can fully agree with the phrase "crochet is my yoga".

If only there weren't the aches and pains! That's right, crocheting is quite demanding and takes a toll on the fingers, hands, arms and shoulders. You really have to take frequent breaks before everything starts to go numb. That's the downside, unfortunately. But it also shows how special each crochet piece ends up being.
Häkeln geht nur von Hand


Crochet only goes by hand

I was very surprised when I read in an article that there is no working machine in the world with which crochet can be done. Unlike knitting, which can be done by machine without any problems, crochet cannot. This is mainly due to the movement of the crochet hook.

When knitting, the yarn is more or less "looped in". When crocheting, it is really knotted by the different techniques. This is also noticeable when opening the stitches. You need a little more strength and patience than with knitted products, which are very easy to open.

Holli mit den lavendelfarbenen Pullover

Fascination handmade

For me, it is precisely this "made by hand" that has the special appeal. I have always been someone who likes to "make" or "produce" things. And I always find it fascinating what you can create with your hands. The possibilities are truly endless and I love to keep trying and learning new things.

There is no standstill for me. Neither in my hobby crochet, nor professionally. When I can no longer educate myself, the moment has usually come to look for something new, a new task.

gehäkelte Blumenkrone von Holli's Closet


That's what a few of you will surely think. Especially those who have been following me for years on Holli's Instagram page. As you know, Holli is my muse when it comes to crochet creations or any creative ideas. And of course, I've created so many things specifically for Holli over the years. From sweaters, loops, hats, to the infamous dog bikinis.

Often I created many of these pieces and then gave them away in giveaways. On the one hand, because I had no business to charge money for it. On the other hand, however, also to be able to make others a joy. Because here also applies: Self-made beats everything.

Holli mit dem Regenbogen-Pullover

This is a test

And now the time has come. I can finally sell unique things. Of course, only in very small quantities. That's why I'm starting with a selection of 8 pieces, which act as a test. Will there be buyers? They are definitely collectors' items. Will people pay the price? I admit, the prices are sporty. But when you consider how much work, love and detail went into each piece, I think the price is more than justified.

The fact is, if this test works and things sell quickly, I will definitely consider making more. Basically, a few crocheted bikinis for dogs would be in line for the summer. I can literally smell the shitstorm again! ;-)

So it remains exciting to see what will happen next with Holli's Closet.

For suggestions and wishes I am always open. Just leave me a comment ;-)

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