Together we can do so much more

Totally Fierce X Collabs

This is the motto of the new column Totally Fierce X Collabs. And don't worry, I'm not about to "collapse" ;-) Rather, I was looking for a good way to integrate themes, ideas, collaborations beyond the knitting pattern into my store.  

What is Totally Fierce X Collabs?

From now on, all projects and themes that don't fit into our current assortment will be incorporated under Collabs. For example, that includes Dogs In Flowers, our cute flower dogs. So it's the collaboration of Totally Fierce and Dogs In Flowers. So me with me... uh, how about that collapse again??? 

Collabs can do more

Through Totally Fierce X Collabs, I also have the opportunity to collaborate with many other creatives to create and launch beautiful products together.

As an old agency guy, teamwork is key for me. And now as a one-man business, I often totally miss the contact and exchange with other creatives. You can tackle a lot on your own, but it's always a bit better together, isn't it?


collab with me? If you feel like getting creative with me, feel free to get in touch. Maybe you're passionate about painting, or designing fun illustrations, or are just as much of a crazy crochet monster as I am and dream of taking your ideas to the next level... then let's get something going together. Because now you know: Together we can do so much more :-)

I'm already looking forward to everything that's coming up. Which ideas will arise, which contacts will be made, ...

Any ideas? Contact me her or on my Instagram

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